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ISR Performance Brake Line Kit - Nissan 350Z 02-07

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ISR Performance Brake Line Kit - Nissan 350Z 02-07

 Whats in the Box: 

  • 2x Front brake lines
  • 2x Rear brake lines
  • 4x Banjo bolts
  • 8x Crush washers


 Installation Instructions

* Brake line installation should be done by a professional mechanic. Read and follow installation instructions completely

Raise vehicle. Remove Wheels and drain all brake fluid. Carefully remove existing brake lines from vehicle, avoid splashing paint work with brake fluid. Make note of positions of C-clip(s), and banjo(s), if used. Remove all crush washers from there mating surfaces. Each new kit comes complete with all of the necessary OEM replacement adapters and Banjo bolts.

Clean all sealing surfaces and make sure they are in good condition.

Fit these lines starting at the caliper and following the original path of the OEM lines. Use the new crush washers supplied in your kit. Ensure all location tabs and mounting brackets are properly attached to their mating points on the frame or chassis and are not causing tension on either end of the connection. Do not fully tighten the bolts or threaded ends until the last step of the installation.

Check that the lines are the correct lengths. The hoses should not be kinked or twisted. The opposite axis torque lines should remain parallel along the entire length of the hose. Full travel of the suspension and steering must be checked to ensure the hoses are not stretched or trapped.

Tighten banjo bolts and end fittings. If you're tightening these hoses to a factory hard line, the hard line must be held in place using the correct size wrench. Bolts and end fittings should be tightened to the manufacture’s recommended torque specs. If not then tighten to 12 to 14 (ft/lbs).

You are now ready to bleed the brakes. You must use fresh DOT approved brake fluid and bled the system in accordance to the vehicles manufacture’s recommendations.


Before test driving your vehicle, make a final Check of the lines to ensure all connections are tight and do not leak. The brake pedal should be firm at this stage. After the first 100 miles recheck all the lines and connections for tightness and any leaks.

  • It is not recommended to mix rubber hoses and stainless steel replacement lines on the same brake system.
  • Do not try to force, rotate or stretch any stainless steel hose assembly; it may cause failure.


** **

Legal only for use in competition vehicles which may never be registered, licensed, and/or used on public streets or highways; and also for use in other exempted vehicles.
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