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New parts for BMW E36 chassis!

22nd Sep 2021

We have been continually adding new parts to our lineup, and are happy to announce a handful of new pieces for the BMW E36 chassis!After developing a wide range of parts for other affordable, sporty, RWD vehicles we decided to move into the BMW E36 chassis as they become increasingly more affordable, and widely available.We now offer two different exhaust systems, the MBSE Type E as well as EP Dual "Blast Pipes"Along with these new exhausts we ha...
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All new Q60 ST exhaust!

28th Jun 2021

The Infiniti Q60 with its 3.0L Turbo VR30DDTT is a perfect platform for the modern day tuner. Its very efficient turbocharged V6 engine responds incredibly well to modifications, which is why we developed a number of parts to turn your docile daily driver into a more aggressive performance machine!During our R&D process we worked very hard to built the best sounding, and fitting exhaust possible. The ST series dual exhaust has ample clearance fro...
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350Z LSx Swap Kit

26th Jun 2017

After spending quite some time building and testing the all new LSx swap kit for 350z chassis we are proud to offer it for sale!Our kit is designed to be an easy, straight forward installation allowing you to utilize either the standard GM T56 transmission, or a factory 350z transmission (with optional CD00x adapter kit). The "HGC" High Ground Clearance 350z LSx swap headers also utilize an innovative design feature, placing the collector at...
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Not all Y-Pipes are created equal!

16th Feb 2017

Not all Y-Pipes are created equal!While planning your full exhaust upgrades please take into account that if one improperly built aftermarket component is used it can cause DETRIMENTAL fitment issues while installing other components, this is why we recommend ONLY using high quality components! For example, a .5” - .75” shift in Y pipe or test pipe length can cause your exhaust to hit OEM components like your W Brace, Differential, Drivesha...
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