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Parts are intended for Off-Road Use ONLY. And never to be used on public Highways.

Phone – 626-498-8262 - Wholesale ONLY
Order Status/Questions - - If you have not ordered Directly from the ISR Website please contact the Dealer you purchased through.
Email –
Please be kind to email us regarding any order status or questions.

Returns Policy

All sales are final. All parts are subject to price changes and availability. NO RETURNS !! Any returns accepted are subjected to a 25% restocking Fee. Any returns accepted must be within 30 days of date of purchase, be unused, and in unopened new box. All returns are subject to inspection. Any part that, in our opinion, shows evidence of being used or installed contrary to manufacturer's instructions and/or subjected to improper handling, packaging, or shipping by the customer will not be eligible for exchange, refund, or warranty consideration. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee or refuse any return. No Cancellations or returns on Special Order Parts. "Special Order Parts" refers to any part that is not in-stock at ISR Performance Parts, LLCAll part information is correct as far as ISR Performance Parts, LLC knows and any errors will be changed upon notification.

Our parts are designed around USDM chassis, if you elect to purchase our parts and fit them to a Non-USDM chassis, or a chassis/engine other than what our listing specifies the parts would not be eligible for return. Our swap parts are designed to fit specific engine and transmission combinations into specific USDM chassis, if you use an engine or transmission other than what is specified, a chassis that is not specified, or a non USDM chassis, we could not guarantee fitment. If you did elect to purchase these parts and attempt to fit them into an unspecified vehicle, or use an engine/transmission combination that is not specified those parts would not be eligible for return. 

International/Canadian Customers

** All International/Canadian Customers are required to pay their own Customs, Duties, and Brokerage fees where needed. ISR Performance Parts, LLC will not be responsible for any of these fees. It is the customers responsibility to pay these and understand them prior to ordering from ISR Performance Parts, LLC. Non payment of fees will not constitute a return. If products are returned for non payment of fees, the products will be forfeited to ISR Performance Parts, LLC or the customer can pay to have the items reshipped. No refund or cancellation because of these fees. All transactions are in USD.


Please note that ISR Performance Parts, LLC. will only to ship to the "VERIFIED" billing address of a credit card and to the card holder only. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. This is only in place to protect ourselves and the consumer from any type of fraud.

Most orders are processed within 24 hours, except on weekends and holidays. Most orders are shipped within 48-72 hours, unless the part is Special Order or on back-order. If part is Special Order of placed on back-order the customer will be notified VIA e-mail and the part will be shipped as soon as it is received by ISR Performance Parts, LLC or when the item is taken off back order. Most orders are received by the customer with in 7-10 business days, depending on location. Most orders will be shipped via UPS ground.

All orders outside of the continental United States are subject to higher shipping cost. Please email for shipping quotes before ordering, if you are outside the continental 48 states.

If you have not received notification of your order with in 7 business day please email  for order status.

The regulation of emissions production, noise levels and safety standards are untaken by the federal government, each of the fifty-state legislatures, and by the many local municipalities, towns, and countries. ISR Performance Parts, LLC. makes no warranties of merchantability, of fitness for a particular purpose or that its products are improved for general use, or that its products comply with laws, regulations, or ordinance in the states where they may be sold to the ultimate purchaser, the consumer. In this connection, the retail purchaser, the buyer, the ultimate consumer assumes the burden of the entire cost of any and all necessary service, alterations or repairs. ISR Performance advises the consumer or customer that all products purchased in the State of California must conform to Specific vehicle code sections. Please consult your local and state laws for more information.


Limited Product Warranty, Policy and Procedure

All ISR Performance products sold are warranted for a period of 1 year on "Hard Parts" and 6 months on "Moving Parts"  from the original date of purchase. No warranty claim will be valid without authentic, dated proof of purchase. This Warranty does not cover parts or labor used in the installation and/or removal of any products. Any product which has been modified from its original state or defaced by the end user would not be eligible for warranty coverage.

This warranty is to the original retail purchaser and none other and is available directly from ISR Performance and not through any point of distribution or purchase.

Customers who utilize "Flame" or "Barble" tunes would automatically forfeit any warranty to exhaust components such as headers, catalysts, y-pipes, and exhaust systems. These "tunes" subject exhaust components to DRASTICALLY higher temperature and pressures than they are intended to operate in and will cause catastrophic failure of exhaust components with extended use. 

If a defect is suspected, the retail purchaser must contact ISR Performance directly to discuss the problem, possible solutions and obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), if deemed necessary by the company. All returns must be shipped freight pre-paid to the company and with valid RMA before they will be processed.

ISR Performance will examine any product returned with proper authorization to determine if the failure resulted from a defect or from abuse, improper installation, misapplication or alteration. ISR Performance will then, at its sole discretion return, repair or replace the product.

ISR Performance Parts MAP Pricing Guide

ISR Performance Parts actively supports the advertising and promotion of its products by its domestic dealer network, and in an effort to strengthen its dealer network it has decided to institute a MAP pricing policy. Effective May 1st 2015 all dealers will be required to meet ISR Performance NA MAP pricing requirements.

MAP policy guidelines

MAP Pricing applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the retail price at which ISR Performance products are actually sold, nor does it prohibit advertised prices that are higher than ISR Performance MAP pricing.

MAP Pricing on ISR Performance Parts products is fixed at 10% off of MSRP. Current MSRP pricing can be found on .

Advertised prices of products may not appear in any media for less than MAP pricing, this includes print catalogs, television, radio, signage/flyers, posters, coupons, or any internet and electronic media, including websites, e-mail newsletters, forums, or auction sites. Websites featuring ‘click for price’ or automated pricing e-mails, ‘in-cart’ specials, or other forms of communication initiated by the reseller will constitute a MAP violation if lower than MAP pricing.

Retailers must sell ISR products in their original packaging. Retailers cannot change, re-label, adulterate, or otherwise alter ISR products and packaging.

Selling open box items is permitted, however, “Open Box”, “Display Model”, “Demo” products must be clearly marked as such by the retailer listing them for sale. Only 1 listing of an “Open Box”, “Display Model”, etc. product is permitted at a time, and only quantity 1 is authorized to be listed. Listings must be clearly labeled as “Open Box”, “Display Model”, etc, and photos of the actual product must be displayed in the listing showing its condition.

If it is determined a vendor is listing new product as “Open Box”, “Display Model”, etc. and selling multiples of the same item to circumvent MAP pricing their account will be subject to immediate cancellation or discount tier reduction.   

In addition, customers of ISR Performance NA are responsible to distribute this policy, or otherwise notify their customers of the terms of this policy. Distributors selling ISR Performance products to violators of this policy will suffer the same consequences as outlined below. ISR Performance will pursue all violations, and it is in your best interest to ensure your pricing is within MAP pricing terms, as well as any resellers you may distribute to.

Authorized sale/promotion policy for Authorized Dealers.

During each calendar year (January 1 to December 31) each authorized dealer is allowed 2 specific sales or promotions pending ISR Performance approval. Each sale or promotion would need to be submitted to ISR Performance prior to being authorized. Details regarding the sale or promotion including the fixed period of time the sale will occur, the fixed set of products which will be promoted, the fixed discount rate, and a brief explanation of the reasoning for the promotion or sale would need to be sent in for review to ISR Performance reserves the right to deny any proposed authorized sale or promotion, or request modifications be made prior to final approval. 

Consequences of MAP policy violation

  • ISR Performance Parts will remove the dealer from all links and listings on ISR Performance NA’s website.
  • ISR Performance Parts will reduce or revoke discounts and other purchasing privileges or benefits.
  • ISR Performance Parts may refuse or cancel orders for any and all products.
  • ISR Performance Parts may place the dealer on a do not sell list.

Violations of the MAP policy shall be determined by ISR Performance Parts in its sole discretion.

Do Not Sell List (DNS):

Race Consulting Agency
RCA Garage
VA Parts House
Built Not Bought Automotive
Fidanza Performance
Elite Race Fab

Consequences of selling to a business on the DNS list :

  • Immediate suspension of your ISR wholesale account. 
  • You will be placed on the DNS list. 

Policy Updates

ISR Performance Parts reserves the right to modify or update its MAP policy at any time, in whole or in part.